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2D Artist

At Torpedo Software, we put a lot of focus on our community's ability to socialize and support one another. In Lua Learning, users can leave "awards" on posts that they like, which leaves the award's image on the post for all to see and gifts coins to the post's author. (Similar to Reddit's award system.) We're looking to expand the repertoire of awards that players can use, and need a talented 2D artist to draw them!

Role overview:

Type: Contractor, part time

Location: Remote

Duration: 1-2 months

Description: As the 2D artist, you'll play a critical role in expanding our product's visual assets. You will work alongside our Lua Learning team to create award images, creating both static images and animated images. You'll adapt and adjust the artwork to fit our design vision and artstyle. Additionally, you will ensure that all content is readable at small resolutions.

You are:

  • Talented at 2D artistry
  • Capable of cartoony drawings of Roblox characters
  • Experienced with 2D animation spritesheets
  • You will:

  • Draw high-quality images for our products
  • Animate spritesheets for our products
  • Collaborate with our team to create fitting artwork
  • You'll love:

  • Flexible work hours and vacation policy
  • Remote team around the world
  • Caring management that will always put your health first
  • Competitive wages and compensation

  • Not Currently Accepting Applications